Microscope Digital Camera Adapters

Digital cameras are changing almost weekly. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase an adapter for your digital camera and do not see it listed below give us a call. We may still be able to help you adapt your camera to your microscope. If you need a recommendation on a camera that works well with the microscope let us know, we have worked with many customers who need to capture high quality images and can recommend some cameras that work better than others. Due to the large lenses on many cameras, when you adapt it to look through your microscope you may get vignetting in your image (a dark circle around your image, as if you are looking through a tunel). The best way to deal with this is to try zooming in slightly on your image (if you camera has this feature), or simply crop the image once it is captured.

Please note: some camera adapters require special-order parts. These parts may take 5-7 business days to ship. Additionally, these special-order parts are not returnable or refundable.

Exium Pro IXUS 50 FinePix 6900Z DC480 L Series SP-500 Cyber-Shot:
QV3500 IXUS 700 FinePix 4900Z DC4800 S3000-6000 Series SP-350 DSC-F707
QV4000 PowerShot A10 FinePix S20 Pro DC5000 S500-600 Series SP-310 DSC-F717
QV5700 PowerShot A20 FinePix S3000 DX3500 D100 C-4100 DSC-F828
EX-S Series PowerShot A30 FinePix S5100 DX3900 D200 FE Series DSC-H1
EX-Z Series PowerShot A40 FinePix S5200 DX4330 D300 C-2000 DSC-H2
PANASONIC PowerShot A510 FinePix S5600 DX4530 D40 C-2020 DSC-H3
Lumix DMC-FZ28 PowerShot A520 FinePix S6000 DX4900 D50 C-2040 DSC-H5
DMC-FZ5 PowerShot A540 FinePix S602 DX6340 D70 C-3000 DSC-H50
DMC-FZ10 PowerShot A570 FinePix S7000 DX6440 D80 C-3020 DSC-H7
DMC-FZ15 PowerShot A590 FinePix S9000 DX6490 Coolpix 4300 C-3030 DSC-H9
DMC-FZ18 PowerShot A60 FinePix S5000 DX7440 Coolpix 4500 C-3040 DSC-S30
DMC-FZ20 PowerShot A610 FinePix S9100 DX7590 Coolpix 5000 C-4000 DSC-S50
DMC-FZ30 PowerShot A620   DX7630

Coolpix 5400

C-4040 DSC-S70
DMC-FZ50 PowerShot A630   Z1012 IS Coolpix 5700 C-5000 DSC-S75
DMC-FZ7 PowerShot A640   P712 Coolpix 800 C-5050 DSC-S85
DMC-FZ8 PowerShot A650   P850 Coolpix 8400 C-5060 DSC-V1
Lumix LX3 PowerShot A70   P880 Coolpix 8700 C-700 DSC-V3
FX Series PowerShot A700   Z612 Coolpix 8800 C-7070 DSC-H10
S Series PowerShot A710   Z650 Coolpix 885 C-720 DSC-H30
HP PowerShot A720   Z710 Coolpix 900 C-730 DSC-S Series
Photo Smart 620 PowerShot 75   Z712

Coolpix 900s

C-740 DSC-W Series
Photo Smart 720 PowerShot A80   Z730 Coolpix 950 C-745 Mavica:
Photo Smart 735 PowerShot A85   Z740 Coolpix 995 C-750 MVC-FD200
Photo Smart 850 PowerShot A90   Z7590 Coolpix P5000 C-755 MVC-FD100
Photo Smart 945 PowerShot A95   Z760 Coolpix P5100 C-760 MVC-FD97
Photo Smart C500 PowerShot G1   Z812 Coolpix P6000 C-765 MVC-FD95
PENTAX PowerShot G10   M Series   C-770 MVC-FD92
SLR PowerShot G11         MVC-FD91
MINOLTA PowerShot G2         MVC-FD90
Dimage A200 PowerShot G3         MVC-FD88
Dimage Z1 PowerShot G5         MVC-FD87
Dimage Z2 PowerShot G6         MVC-FD85
Dimage Z3 PowerShot G7         MVC-FD83
Dimage Z5 PowerShot G9         MVC-FD81
Dimage Z6 PowerShot Pro1         MVC-FD75
Dimage Z10 PowerShot A60         MVC-FD73
SLR PowerShot A40         MVC-FD71
  PowerShot A30         CD1000
  PowerShot A20         CD500
  PowerShot A10         CD400
PowerShot S1 IS         CD300
  PowerShot S2 IS          
  PowerShot S3 IS          
  PowerShot SD300          
  PowerShot SD400          
  PowerShot SD500          
  PowerShot SD550          
  PowerShot SLR EOS          
  PowerShot Rebel          
  PowerShot A 3000 Series          
  PowerShot SD Series          

NOTE: All camera adpters fit into either 23mm or 30mm inside diameter eyetube or trinocular port. Each adapter has the equivalent of a 10x eyepiece lens built into it.

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